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About us


Karl Karam

I am Karl, architect and co-founder of ARCHAVE.

Very influenced by the “less is more” approach of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, that goes beyond architecture and looks at design as a way of thought and life. Driven by the search for the essential, and the ability to successfully communicate it through an idea, a space, a moment and a place.

My process is focused on the exchange between nature and behavior as I have always strived to make a lasting impact on the environment I am in, a worthwhile contribution and found architecture as a language.

I am interested in cosmology, behavioral science and involved in social activism.

I have a masters in architecture II from YALE university, and a diploma in architecture (RIBA 1&2) from the Architectural Association school of Architecture (AA).

Michael Najjar

I am Michael, architect and co-founder of ARCHAVE.

I see architecture as a harmonious connection between people and their surroundings, this means creating environments that support and enhance human behavior in everyday life. I extol a design approach that is essential and authentic, one that respects nature and is inspired by it in return, one that embodies context and celebrates culture.

besides design I enjoy mixing music, training in martial arts, engaging in outdoor sports, photography, and have a weakness for ice cream. I hold a diploma in architecture from the Lebanese academy of fine arts (alba).

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Conscious of the role architecture has in shaping our society and carrying culture through time.

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Contextual when defining the priorities, framework and territory.

Strategic in the organisation of space.

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